Monday, April 11, 2011

Free Tech For Book Promotion

So you’ve got a new book out and a limited budget for promotion. I bet you’re wondering how best to promote your book without breaking the bank. Well, all book promotion is cumulative, meaning there’s no one thing that an author can do that’s going to create awareness of their title. Everything you do promotion wise is going to help you get the word out. So what else can you do for little or no cost in addition to acquiring reviews, blogging, tweeting and Facebooking?

Mobile Site-Have you dreamed of having an app created for your book but found the cost of hiring an app designer way out of your budget? While it may not have all the bells and whistles of an app, a mobile site can provide all the same content in a mobile ready format easily accessed by readers on their mobile devices via a QR Code. Winksite is a free service that allows users to create a mobile ready site in minutes. Click here for the one I created for my latest novel, The Paris Secret.

QR Codes-Speaking of QR Codes, you’ve probably seen these square 2D barcodes in magazine ads and on buildings and not known what they were. QR stands for quick response. They’re barcodes that have a url embedded in them. They can be scanned with a smart phone and will take you to a website, a text message, a video, etc. Including a QR Code on your promotional items, postcards, business cards, posters, is an excellent way to connect print content to online content. There are numerous free QR Code generators online as well as free barcode reader apps for your smart phone. Sites like Zazzle even allow you to order T-Shirts and coffee mugs with your QR Code printed on them!

BookBuzzr-I’ve yet to sign up for BookBuzzr, but here’s a quote from the site: “BookBuzzr is a suite of anti-obscurity technologies for authors. Our mission is to figure out every new technology and then figure out a way to make that technology promote your book for you. BookBuzzr changes every day because the technology environment changes every day (who had heard of an iPad 2 years ago?) But the operating principles (help authors promote their book as efficiently, innovatively and painlessly as possible) remains as unchanging as the northern star. BookBuzzr is available in two variations. The free version (yes, completely free with no strings attached) referred to as BookBuzzr Author Lite and the paid version for authors serious about their book promotion referred to as BookBuzzr Author Pro.”

Have you had any experience with any of the above promotional tools? If so, how did you use them?

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  1. Good luck with the blog, Angela. I'm a Carina author but the opposite of what you're looking for in that technology completely baffles me. Perhaps you'd like a contribution from a techophobe's vp